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Key highlights of the Canteen

  • Powerful 120 watt 4 inch Kicker speaker with built-in tweeter for 120 watts of power
  • Custom amplifier with music and volume control
  • Custom long-lasting rechargable battery good for over 20 hours of continuous playtime
  • COMPLETELY customizable with thousands of paint options
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Completely wireless for amazing portability
  • Built-in carrying strap
  • Weighing in at only 4 pounds
  • Decibel loudness test @ 3 feet playing rock music: 110.8db
  • Water Resistant with IP-54 rating




Small, rugged, and portable...Yet still insanely loud. Live Round Sound has created one tough dry box fitted with a 4 inch Kicker speaker and built-in tweeter. This speaker is powered by a completely custom amplifier and a long lasting battery for plenty of fun and good times! The amplifier has built in controls for music and volume that can be adjusted to your liking. Simply hook up your phone or Bluetooth capable player, switch on the toggle switch, and check out how loud this can really is! This Canteen will absolutely blow you away!


Weight: 4 lbs.

Dimensions: 8in. Long x 6.5in. Wide x 4in. High


Color Options


Color: Please choose a color from the "Color" list. Orange and Blue are the current color options available.




How long will my battery last?  In the Canteen model we have a large battery for long lasting fun but also for the safety of the amplifier.  Low voltage spikes from deep bass or extreme volumes can cause damage to the amp.  We at Live Round Sound want a product that is built to last and built to be safe.  That being said, this model will last approximately 20 hours of steady play time *conservatively*.




A charger is included with every Canteen. Plug in the charger to the back of the unit until the charge is sufficient!




Bluetooth is included with this system! Simply turn it on, connect your device, and enjoy!

  • Item #: OPCB


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